The Dutch Ain’t Much

Maybe the Danes in 2010?Sigh… What was it that made me love the Netherlands in the World Cup? Was it the orange jerseys with the collars? (no other team had collars!) Was it the potential of the talent on the squad? (my boyz could play…) Or maybe it was it the KLM flight attendants from the 747 I took thru Amsterdam back in 1999? (admit it, already) Either way, Big Orange is no more after the ouster on Sunday at the hands of the handsome and much yellow carded Portugal team (that Figo is a looker!) Now, I have to find a new team for the rest of the Cup. I am really tempted to go with the hometown squad – Germany. They looked impressive against Sweden. I am admittedly drawn to England, only because I view myself as the fan to save (plus, I can read the local press!). For now, I’ll put my money on Germany, but my heart is with Ukraine. Italy, I dare you to flop in the box against Ukraine. You may get your yellow card, but believe you me – there will be a revolution on your pretty face before you get to your penalty kick. Keep that in mind. Go Ukraine!

P.S. – I dare you to tell me that World Cup fever isn’t contagious. Even the theoretical physicists are sick with it!

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